10 Golden Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process to optimize website but many of the internet users don’t aware of this process. There are some tips for optimize the website as per the search engine rule:–

1. Select keywords: for optimization it is very necessary to select keyword by using various keyword tools like word tracker etc. Select only those keywords whose prediction and searches are high and they are relevant to your site content.

2. Title: Title always reflects the overall website theme representation and web crawlers always go through the crawler. So title must be keyword rich more specific and related with site content.

3. Content: The content of site should be Unique but instead of that it is very necessary that the content should be informative. And the content should be keyword rich.

4. Meta tags: Meta tags mean Meta keywords and Meta description of every page should be related with site content and they describes about the site theme.

5. HTML format: There must be no use of flash; site home page should be prepared in HTML format.

6. Directory submission: Web site should be submitted on good directory whose page rank is good(page rank at least 3)

7. Article submission: Writing Articles which should be more informative and attracts visitor’s towards your site. Articles are always submitted in good directory.

8. Blog submission: create a blog and continuously using latest post over that. And blog should be optimized like a website.

9. SMO: Social Media Optimization is one of the best ways to make popular any site.

10. Social bookmarking is a type of social media optimization which is helpful to generate quick link and attract visitor.

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