Will Article Marketing Help Your Business?

Article Marketing since its introduction to online advertising has turned out be one of the most effective and cost efficient tools in the marketing toolbox.

The term as it stands alone is not by any means new to anyone involved in an online business. Most have a pretty good idea what offering really good informative content on a regular basis will do for any business. If you do it right, you can build an excellent image and establish your brand in a most professional way.

With the internet reaching a world wide market and if you provide good content your chances of growing your potential customer base will have no end. And if you haven’t been using Article Marketing in your business you are really missing the boat.

Just to refresh your memory I thought it would be worth while to present an updated guideline to positive article writing.

1. To begin with you will need a subject of interest consisting of worthwhile information and with a minimum of 500 to 600 words. If you stick with this number of words your article will qualify for most directories.

2. Pick out a niche and make your content pertinent to that niche. Many writers sometimes get off into areas not related and lose readers early on. Pay attention and keep your reader interested.

3. Once you have your article written you then must concentrate on the “Resource Box”. Do not take this lightly. The Resource Box is where you establish image and your brand by providing a link to your website or some other landing page. This is super important, since this is where a well written article will pay off. You may choose to send your reader to any of the following:

1. Squeeze page with an opt-in if your building a list. Be sure to offer something of value.

2. A sales page if you have a product related to the subject of your article. One you have created or something you have the resale rights to.

3. A pre-sales page that would lead to an affiliate landing page.

4. To your own website. This is why you should make your site attractive and informative. The key is to get your reader so interested they would bookmark your site and hopefully return often. The goal is to establish frequent readers and if your site is properly monetized you might even develop some cash flow over time.

Now that you’ve put together a really good Resource Box it is time to get it circulated. What’s the best way?

1. Many writers choose to submit their article to as many article directories as possible. If your going to do it yourself you will find it extremely time consuming.

2. If you have some funds in your budget you may choose to contract out to a submission service.

3. If you go to Fivver you will find someone willing to submit your article for $5. Better do your homework first. However,even if it doesn’t work out your only out the $5. On the other hand some folks have been very satisfied with the results from Fivver services.

4.You can choose 10 or 12 directories and do your own submission which will still take some time but not as much as if your trying to blanket the world. This is what I do and I find it works well for me.

Once you get your article in circulation, hopefully many people will read it and if you did a good job with your Resource Box many will follow your links. Possibly, some readers may want to reprint your article thereby expanding its exposure.

Getting directories and readers to view your articles is all important since you will be establishing back-links which adds to the success of any website. This is a subject that is important enough that it deserves it’s own article. I’m sure if you Google “back-links” you’ll find a host of articles digressing on the subject.

Now, about writing. Not everyone can write and If you find yourself falling into this category there are other options.

1.Ghostwriter. There are several sources that provide writing services and most at a fair price.

In summation, if your currently including Article Marketing in your cadre of marketing tools, good for you, stick with it.

If you are not currently incorporating Article Marketing in your program it would be worth while to get started. Give it a try but don’t expect overnight results. It takes time so hang in there. Perseverance;pays off.

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