Work Online and Make Money With Keyword Research

Keyword research is all about finding an audience for your product or service. It is a great idea do your keyword research first so you can find exactly what people are searching for online. You can then develop or select a product to promote that meets that need. A keyword or keyword term is something that a person types into a search engine such as Google before hitting the search key.

So firstly you select a niche that you are enthusiastic about and hopefully have some expertise in. You now need to find out what people are searching for within that niche. Google has an excellent free keyword tool which can help you enormously with your research. This tool can also help if you are trying to find a niche.

For instance when I typed the word “fishing” into the Google keyword tool, I was able to find out that there was an average of over 45 million searches each month worldwide with this word in it. I am also able to find out that there were one and a half million searches purely for the word fishing alone. More importantly I was provided with a list of 150 search terms related to fishing along with exactly how many people have searched for this specific term. This information is so important as you can actually see what people are really looking for. If a specific search term is getting very little traffic then it is not really worth targeting this phrase with a product as there is no market for it.

It is the more specific keyword terms of three words or more that you need to concentrate on, these are called long tail keywords. With regard to our example of fishing I can see that the term “deep sea fishing” has over 33000 searches. You are looking for terms that will provide targeted and relevant traffic so it is better to concentrate on terms that receive around three hundred searches a month. This will ensure you can build affordable pay per click campaigns and develop a healthy traffic flow using article submission. Using our fishing example again by digging down deeper and putting in the term “deep sea fishing” I am now presented with a list of 67 more search terms. I can see from this that the keyword term “deep sea fishing tours” gets 260 monthly searches and the term “deep sea fishing mexico” gets 390 searches. These could be powerful terms for anybody producing a fishing guide or running organised fishing trips. Its easy to see how a little research can not only give you product ideas, but will also tell you the keywords you should be targeting. It is critical that you ensure that your product or service is RELEVANT to the keyword you are using.

Just remember that specific long tail keywords will lead to highly targeted and relevant traffic, match this with a product with value that meets their needs and you are in business. So if you really want to work online and make money then make sure you get your keyword research right.

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