Working From Home in Your Underwear – What’s Next?

If you haven’t already check out the first in this series called “Work from Home in your Underwear – How to Get Started”.

Alrighty, so you have figured out which “work from home” option suits you and your lifestyle best.

Whether it’s an MLM or affiliate marketing or some other online marketing prospect, working out which one you feel is right for you will be a bit part of your success.

Regardless of which work from home option you choose you’re going to need to have some sort of online presence…duh;)

The best way to sort that out is to have a website, blog or landing page. If you’re working with an MLM they will, most likely (if they’re a good MLM) have some very user-friendly options to get you started online.

The MLM I work with includes 3 web presence opportunities when you sign up. They have a marketing page, a web page and a philanthropic page. All 3 are branded with the MLM products and, most often, have your name on them somewhere.

For someone with limited knowledge of the web and backend webby type stuff (like php and HTML) this is a great way to get online quickly and, relatively, easily.

However, if these templates are the only online real estate you own you may find yourself ranking lower in Google and other search engines behind people who market their MLM through their own sites.

Not to worry though, even with the company landing pages and web sites you can earn a great living working from home…yep, in your underwear.;)

NB: a landing page is a one page sales sheet that has a link to sign up to either receive more information or to sign up for the product itself. They are useful and convert very well for gaining prospects and customers.

OK, moving on.

If you decide to become an Affiliate Marketer you will need to learn how to do some pretty heavy lifting in the beginning. To become an Affiliate Marketer you’ll need to know how to create your own online presence, populate that presence with relevant, useful information and display your ads too.

It sounds harder than it is. Thankfully you’re reading this and I can direct you to some great tutorials on how to create your own web page, landing page and marketing pages.

I don’t do a lot of affiliate marketing because, quite frankly, I’d rather being providing value to people without asking them to pay for the privilege. That said, people do have to make a buck here and there and there are some pretty great affiliate sites that you can link to that pay off well.

When I first decided that I too was smart enough to make my living online I thought that I could do so as a writer. Turns out there are a lot of people who think that too! Who knew?

Anyway, I started my personal blog and while it did not make me any money (because I did not, at the time, know how to monetize it) it did get me writing new content almost daily and helped me learn how to set up a blog and social media correctly.

There are ways to make money blogging. More so though, there are ways to get people to pay you to tout their product in your blog. You have to be careful about stuff like that because if you want to remain authentic you cannot just accept every product thrust your way. If a product is crap and you don’t tell your readers it’s crap you lose your credibility. Even if the product promoter gives you a new car to promote. (not that that happens much;)

So keep these things in mind. I don’t want to get too long-winded in these posts. There is a lot to cover and I want to make sure you don’t get bored;)

Next up is: Working from Home in your Underwear – Social Media

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